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Megan Martin
special to the gazette

After years of working in the retail industry, Ronald Massad decided it was time for a drastic change. The choice wasn’t easy; at 45 years old he had a satisfying career with a regular paycheck and a family to support. So the prospect of starting a new career and the potential of financial instability was daunting.

“I knew I needed something different,” Massad said. “A friend of mine was a real estate broker and he convinced me to give it a try, so I took the course at night while working at my retail job.”

The moment he passed the course in 1988 Massad says he knew he had made the right choice. Nearly 25 years later, it’s a decision he will never regret.

“After I received my licence, I started building a network by calling friends and family and letting people know what I was doing,” he said. “Typically you don’t make your first sale before six months, but I was really ready for the challenge.”

Massad still remembers his first sale, only three months into his career. “It was magical, we were so happy,” he said.

Within his first nine months he was nominated Rookie of the Year in Quebec and the accolades have continued throughout his career. Among his honours,  Massad has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from RE/MAX International and a Hall of Fame award from RE/MAX Quebec.

The Montreal native credits much of his early success to his employer Beaconsfield based RE/MAX Royal Jordan. “It’s a great company, I never saw the advantage of going out on my own and starting a new business because I’ve always been happy at RE/MAX,” he said. “There have been three different owners of the franchise during my time here and I’ve been consistently happy with the management; it’s the philosophy of the company.”

Massad’s area of expertise is residential properties in the West Island, where he has lived for 30 years, Westmount and Old Montreal. However, he works with clients from Town of Mount Royal all the way out to Hudson, and has occasionally worked on commercial transactions as well.

“I was born in Montreal so I’m really familiar with the whole island,” he said.

The family home is often the most important investment a person will ever make in their lifetime, so working closely with people is Massad’s favourite part of the business, he said.

“When you’re successful in helping clients, especially young people and first-time buyers get into the market, it’s extremely satisfying,” Massad said. “When you get results for your clients, they’re so happy and excited about their new phase of life, it’s hugely rewarding as a broker to be a part of that.”

The key is to help clients define what their needs are and then find a property to match them, he said. “Sometimes it can be challenging when you’re showing houses to couples and families,” Massad said. “Sometimes family members aren’t on the same page about what they want, that can get a bit tricky, but it’s part of working in this field.”

When conflicts like this occur, Massad encourages clients to make a list of their priorities for their property separately from their partner or family and then compare lists. "Oftentimes people are very surprised to see on paper what they each want in a home,” he said. “It can be a great communication tool, and it’s very helpful for me as a broker to know what I’m looking for.”

Massad eagerly encourages young brokers to employ tactics like that when dealing with clients. “I love mentoring a lot of the new agents coming into our office,” he said. “I really enjoy teaching, it keeps me on my toes and if I can be helpful then that’s great, that works for me.”

With his love for the industry, coupled with an appreciation for instruction, Massad says he’s not considering retirement just yet. “I’m not sure what I’d do if I retired to be honest,” he said. “I truly enjoy coming to the office, I’m here most days before everyone comes in.
There’s a great camaraderie here and it’s not something I’m ready to leave.”

For more information visit www.ronaldmassad.com or call 514-591-3472

Hi Mr. Massad,

I hope all is well with you and your family. I just wanted to say to you congratulations on today’s article by the Montreal Gazette on yourself and your illustrious real estate career. I read it with interest and I must say that it was very well written and I believe is representative of who you are. My father always spoke well of you. He respected you for being a fair leader with great integrity. A great compliment coming from him! I wish you many more years doing what you love.

Best regards,
Tony Zara

Hi Unc,

Read your article this morning. Justin and I were very proud!
Paul Massad

Dear Ron,

W.O.W.!!!!! What an article in the Gazette. You look amazing. I can tell everybody that I KNOW YOU. Congratulations! Both Lou and I wish you and Glenda many more years of health and prosperity.

Love Jeanie


Longtime no see. But here’s the official thank you for closing the sale and letting me move on. I hope all is well and we still have to have that smoked meat even if Celine bought the shop.

Best regards,


My sincerest congratulations to you on the wonderful article, about your successful career, which appeared in the recent edition of the Gazette. I am proud to say that you are a friend, and delighted to see that your hard work is being recognized.

Notwithstanding, success, coupled with humility, is written all over your face----and rightfully so.

My warmest regards

Hi Ron,

Just read all about you in the Gazette! Good article and the pictures of you are great. Congratulations and keep up the good work!